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Best Poolside Decor Ideas
March 22, 2023
Best Poolside Decor Ideas

Your backyard is like an extension of your home — treat it the same way you would any other room. There are so many ways to decorate your pool area and make it your own!

These poolside decorating ideas will help you beautify your pool area. Whether you want to create a calming sanctuary or a place to hang with friends, update your backyard oasis with the best poolside decor ideas! 

One of the best parts about being a pool owner is that you don’t need to go very far to relax — you have everything you need right in your backyard! Plus, you also have access to a cool hang-out area to take advantage of with friends. You can even use your pool for exercise or to learn how to swim. 

No matter how you use your swimming pool, you want it to be a fun and comfortable place to spend time. And what better way to make that happen than to decorate your pool area?

Pick a Theme — Or Not!

In the spirit of treating your pool area like the rest of your house, you may be tempted to pick a theme for your backyard decor. While picking a theme (nautical, nature, all one color, pirate, tiki bar, etc.) can make choosing items a bit easier, don’t feel pressure to choose a theme and stick to it.

Some of the most stylish pool areas we’ve come across have been a modge podge of several different types of decor and styles. Pick what feels good and go with it! You’ll want to avoid being too out there — unless that’s your style. In that case, feel free to get weird!

Invest in Pool Lights

Swimming pool lights work as a double whammy: they add a certain je ne sais quoi to your poolside oasis, and they also make the area safer. Choose between soft and subtle white lights or vibrant colored lights

You can turn them on as an accent as you relax near your pool, or you can swim with them all lit up. Investing in pool lights means that you can go for a midnight swim whenever the mood strikes!

Consider Adding Pool Tiles

Another way to decorate your pool area is to add some stylish pool tiles! It’s worth noting that this poolside decor idea requires a bit of forethought. You’ll likely have to drain your pool for a few days or weeks while they get installed.

If you have the patience (and budget), it’s definitely worth the wait! You can base the rest of your decor on the tiles that you choose, and trust us — there are plenty to choose from! Opt for classic stone, glass tiles, or pebble tiles. There are even custom-made mosaic tiles available. 

Install a Waterfall

One way to really step up your poolside decor is to install a pool waterfall. The gurgling sounds are sure to put you at peace. Plus, if you have children (or maybe a spouse who acts like a kid), pool waterfalls are so much fun to play in.

Just like with pool lights and tiles, there are lots of styles to choose from. You could go for a sleek design that’s reminiscent of a 5-star hotel, or you could install something a bit more natural and rustic. In either case, your waterfall poolside decor is sure to impress.

Add Plants or Other Greenery

Unless you’re one of the very lucky people out there with an indoor swimming pool, your pool is likely in your backyard. While you may already have some trees, plants, and shrubs surrounding it, it’s worth taking a closer look at to see what you can add. 

You can go in so many different directions when it comes to adding greenery. Install plants or bushes directly into the ground, or pick up some fun planters at your local home and garden supply store. If you have the room or structure for it, you can even position some hanging plants to create a true oasis!

Don’t Forget the Furniture 

Picking out poolside furniture is just as fun as picking out furniture inside your home. It’s a good idea to start with the following:

  • Table and chairs for outdoor eating
  • Lounge chairs for reading and relaxing
  • Small tables for next to the loungers
  • Grill for barbecues
  • Parasol to protect from the sun

Depending on how much room you have, you can definitely take this list further. You may want to think about grabbing a piece of furniture where you can keep clean towels, toys, or other pool accessories. Or perhaps you have enough room to set up a temporary (or permanent) pool cabana. 

Whatever you decide to do, use this list of the best poolside decor ideas for inspiration! 

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