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All GLI Covers are manufactured with the finest materials so you can protect your family and your investment year after year. At GLI Pool Products we understand that no two backyards are alike and that your pool may require some unique features to keep you family safe this off-season. That's why our expertly trained staff and design engineers have spent years crafting the strongest, safest and most innovative options available.

Available Styles


Secur-A-Gap™ provides your cover with the perfect fit around protruding pool elements such as rock features and waterfalls without the loss of security that your safety cover provides.


Are you experiencing excessive wear to your safety cover? Protect-A-Cover™ padding is the ideal solution and can be easily added to any existing cover. Comes with clips to be easily attached to the underside of the Safety Cover, ensuring the padding stays in place all winter long!

What our customer say about us

  • Chris Jackson

    "Outstanding service, even during the pandemic! From order to install took 3 wks. All were very professional, courteous and quick to respond. Kudos!"
  • Paige Dent

    "Ellen and her crew provide quality material and excellent customer service!! They are amazing.. thank you Atlantic Pools."
  • Patty Martin

    "Pam was extremely helpful and explained everything thoroughly. Long drive from my house to their business, but worth the trip."
  • John

    "These guys definitely have the formula to keep you stress free and enjoying your pool for the entire season."
  • Sally Memmert

    "I have used this company several times and have found them to be totally friendly and professional. I highly recommend them."
  • Donald Carter

    "They are friendly and give military discounts. Oh yea!!!"