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The Cover Doctors® program was initially started by GLI Pool Products as a template and repair program for Safety Covers. GLI Pool Products and their team of Expert Cover Doctors began to noticed trends and patterns from the covers they were receiving back into the warehouse. So, with the help of their highly experienced sales team and professional pool dealers they began to collect information on what makes the best Safety Cover and why one should choose to have a Safety Cover. Not wanting to keep this information for themselves, they are now sharing this information with the public in hopes that each pool owner will be more aware and educated on how to protect lives, keep their pool clean and make their lives simpler & safer.

Program Outline

GLI Pool Products’ prides itself on always offering the best service to our customers. With our Cover Doctors Safety Cover Repair and Replacement program we have made it even easier to return a cover.
  • GLI will provide a box to return your cover for repair or template replacement at no charge.
  • GLI will provide all necessary shipping labels to return the cover freight pre-paid.
  • As always, we offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry and we offer this great service year-round – with no inconvenient deadlines. *This program applies to residential size covers only. Box size is 24” x 24” x 42” and will hold up to approximately a 22’ x 42’ cover size. For larger or commercial size covers, please contact GLI Customer Service at 1-800-448-2343.
*The scheduling of your custom product installation may vary due to your installers schedule.

Cover Doctors Program Informational Video

Available Patch Kits

What our customer say about us

  • Chris Jackson

    "Outstanding service, even during the pandemic! From order to install took 3 wks. All were very professional, courteous and quick to respond. Kudos!"
  • Paige Dent

    "Ellen and her crew provide quality material and excellent customer service!! They are amazing.. thank you Atlantic Pools."
  • Patty Martin

    "Pam was extremely helpful and explained everything thoroughly. Long drive from my house to their business, but worth the trip."
  • John

    "These guys definitely have the formula to keep you stress free and enjoying your pool for the entire season."
  • Sally Memmert

    "I have used this company several times and have found them to be totally friendly and professional. I highly recommend them."
  • Donald Carter

    "They are friendly and give military discounts. Oh yea!!!"